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Chairman’s Report: September 2018.

Thursday the 13th September saw the funeral of our club member Desi Bradburn take place at Springwood Crematorium.

It was attended by a large number of people which included both present and past Merseyside Wheelers cycling club members together with relatives, friends and neighbours who paid their last respects to Desi. Club members who were unable to be present had sent their apologies.

It was pleasing to see that our eight Life members had either managed to attend or pass on their condolences and apologies for their absence.

It was also noted that two ladies from the charity, Zoe’s Place, were present which was especially pleasing as this was the charity which Desi had strongly supported by his sponsored rides and other fund-raising activities.

Several weeks ago, I was up in the Sainsbury’s area of the Liverpool Loop Line doing some litter-picking duties which normally finish at around 12.30pm. As I was near to the Finch Manor Care Home in Dovecot, afterwards I carried on riding along to there to visit with life member Kit Carson who is a resident there.

Kit is always appreciative of any visitors that he has and as he says it helps to pass the time apart from allowing him to have a meaningful conversation (mainly nostalgic cycling memories in our case!). After a while I noticed that we had been chatting for nearly two hours and I jokingly said that I would have to make a move as I did not have a lights on my bike!

Barry Warriner was one of our present club members who gave his apology for not being able to make it to Desi’s funeral. He has just had his second knee operation done and was due to attend hospital for two post op appointments that same day. It would seem that this second knee operation will take longer to be fully functional compared to his other knee operation which was performed earlier in this year.

Our life member Tom Mustard has finally had his long-awaited hip operation and from his appearance and subsequent conversation at Desi’s funeral, looks like he has slimmed down considerably and is moving about far better. He said that “they” (the hospital), had taken his “sticks” (crutches) away from him.

Just a reminder that the Club’s Inter-club hill climb is being held on Ashurst on Sunday the 14th October. Please note that the time of start has been brought forward to 11.00am. I look forward to seeing member and friends there.

 The Club Social night is being held on Friday the 2nd November at the Stanley Arms, Eccleston. Near St. Helens. The organiser is Tom Mustard, telephone number: 0151 280 2492.


John Clarke


Chairman’s Report: April 2018.

The opening “25” mile Time Trial of our local season was the Mid-Shropshire Wheelers event that was held on Sunday the 1st April. It might have been April Fools Day but there was no fooling around, with the event being won by Phil Williams of the Liverpool Phoenix CC, with a blistering time of a 51.03. Looking down the result sheet there were many good rides done by riders of other local clubs as well. The fastest lady rider from a local club was Kate Giddings (Liverpool Century RC) who did a 1.04.16. It was good to see that a newly affiliated club to the LTTCA, the Mersey Tri, had riders who did some good times as well.

Last Saturday, the 14th April saw the first local “10” mile time trial being held on the Rainford course. This event was being organised by the Leigh Premier Road Club but at the time of writing, the results had not been published on the CTT website. They certainly had the better weather for it with it being a bit warmer and dryer than of late.

On the Tuesday after the previous Monday night’s club monthly meeting I was able to ride out to near Sainsbury’s, Prescot Road where, when I had finished my litter-picking duties, I carried on to see Kit Carson. Unfortunately, Kit was not looking too bright when I arrived to see him but after chatting for a short while, he perked up and was looking better by the time that I was getting ready to leave him and to ride home.

A week or so ago Desi rang us up at home and as Lil was the nearest to the phone she took his call. He was telling Lil all about his increasing difficulty in being mobile and that it has become a big effort to move about his house, never mind attempting to get out of the house and into and out of a car.

Barry Warriner is still waiting for his knee replacement operation. It was scheduled for April but has been put back to a date in May.

As far as I know, Tom Mustard is still awaiting another date to have his hip replacement operation.

I trust that the rest of our members are keeping well.

John Clarke

Chairman’s Report|: March 2018.

Our local Time trial racing season is just about to start with the Easter Weekend being the first set of events with the Mid Shropshire Wheelers “25” being the first qualifying event in the season long LTTCA Championships and awards.

One event last weekend, the Crewe Clarion Hilly TT, fell foul of the projected weather forecast and had to be cancelled at short notice before the actual day. It is hoped to be re-run on a future date. This is where the use of the social media such as Facebook is very useful as wide notice was able to be given to the cancellation decision.
I can remember one year, Kit Carson and I getting out to an early season 2-up “25” time trial held in February where the course start was near Broxton roundabout. Everybody then, used the Broxton Picnic Area to park up and get changed.

As we drove from Birkenhead out along the A41 from Christleton towards Broxton the amount of snow in the fields got thicker and you could not see the sheep as they blended in with snow!

But us “tough/Thick-skinned?” cyclists did not shirk from the task and Kit and I managed to do a reasonable time although now I could not remember what the time was. It was a case of slap on the Elliman’s horse liniment embrocation (a white runny concoction), put on some arm warmers and wear some gloves. I can remember that when using the Elliman’s rub that you had to be extra careful when shaving your legs, the night before, that you did not nick yourself in too many places otherwise the embrocation stung like mad!

I suppose nowadays with risk assessments having to be made and consideration being required to be given to the weather/road conditions, our event would have had to be called off but we just got on with it!

I have not received or been made aware of much news regarding any club members except that our Life Member Tommy Mustard whilst he has had his pre-op medical has not yet been given an actual operation date for his hip operation.

Another member awaiting an operation, this time on his knee, is Barry Warriner. I emailed Barry today to give him my wife Lil and my good wishes. Imagine my disappointment when having got back in the house from being out, I had received an email from Barry to say that his operation had been cancelled and that it was now scheduled for a date in May. As I replied to Barry, it does seem to be happening more and more often, that people receive an operation date only to have it cancelled nearer the time. It is to be hoped that these two gentlemen will receive the op dates and be operated on as soon as possible so that they can regain their mobility and be free from pain.

I know that some of our members have suffered quite badly from the recent “flu/virus” outbreak but hopefully everyone is slowly getting back to their “normal” selves.

John Clarke

Postscript: The day after our club monthly meeting I called in on my bike to see Kit. As usual he was very pleased to see me and we spent a good hour plus reliving memories and with me giving him an update on the club ,members etc.

Chairman’s Report for February 2018.

We are already into the second half of the second month of the year and it seems to have just whizzed past!

On Monday the 12th February Sandra and George Corfe along with Lil and I went along to a meeting at Knowsley Village Hall at the request of Heather, the Parish secretary there.

Heather had called this meeting to advise us that Knowsley Parish Council would not be renewing their lease on the use of the Village Hall when that lease ending came up.

Instead Knowsley Parish Council had plans in place to refurbish the Youth Centre so that its available space could be reconfigured to better accommodate their client’s needs and this includes us, the Merseyside Wheelers.

The refurbishment work is to start today, Monday 19th February and will take several months.

For this period the Youth Club members will be accommodated in the committee room that our club usually uses and we have been asked and have agreed to transfer into the council chambers. Some members may remember that we have previously used this accommodation when similar refurbishment work needed to be carried out at the previous Youth Club premises.

I managed to ride along to and visit Kit couple of weeks ago and when I arrived he was in the dining room in the middle of his lunch. As I was parking and locking up my bike he spotted me through the windows and waved. Once I has signed in I walked along to where he was sitting and we had a good long chat. (as usually is the case with bikies!!). In fact, time flew past so quickly that I had to tell him that I had better be making a move as I had no lights and was not as quick as I used to be!

Yesterday, Sunday the 18th February was the final session of the winter training sessions organised and run by club member Barry Warriner, who is supported by club member Jean Pierce who is in charge of the refreshments. I go along to run the morning “Keep fit” session and Brian Nener, Alan Linford and Paul Patterson provide support for both the morning session and the afternoon bike riding session which is held on the circuit within Litherland Sports Centre. Barry has been having increasing trouble with his knees, ending up having to use a stick/crutches but has now got a date in early March to have his operation. On behalf of the club we send him our best wishes.

Lil Clarke our Club Treasurer, has asked me to pass on her thanks to those members who have already sent her their club subscriptions for 2018.

John Clarke


CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: January 2018.

I would like to wish all of our club members a happy new year, as I have not been able to see you in person to give you this greeting.

Hopefully you have all had a pleasant and restful (?) Christmas and New Year and are now getting back into your “normal” routine, whatever that may be.

For my own part I had to have a pacemaker implanted at quite short notice following the results of a 24hour monitoring session. The operation was quite interesting for me to watch and listen to, as you are normally operated on using a local anaesthetic, which allows you some visual and audio interaction with the surgery team.

Unfortunately, the pacemaker is not fitted with a “speed” dial which would allow you to go faster on the bike!!

I have noticed that it will not let my heart drop below 60 bpm and this has reduced the dizziness effects of getting up etc. Whilst I have been riding on both the turbo and on the road, there would appear to be no difference as to how hard the on-road riding seems to be at times. Maybe I was expecting too much! Anyway, it is early days yet and it could be that I am not as fit as I used to be or would like to be!

There has not been much to report on club-wise except that during December we had both the Club AGM and the Club “party night”.

Our Secretary Sandra Corfe had sent out AGM notices and agendas to our club members and apart from the members who had given their apologies in advance, there was the usual attendees present when the chairman called for the meeting to be opened. The chairman thanked all those club members who had served the club the previous year and following the election of club officers, most of the main club positions were filled. As there were no motions to be discussed the meeting was concluded after 30mins. The chairman thanked all those who had attended and participated.

The “party night” went off very well with Sandra and George Corfe bringing their “hotpot” with bread, red cabbage and pickled beetroot. Lil Clarke had prepared her usual trifle, Jean Pierce had baked her usual mince pies and Jean Mustard had brought along one of her well-liked fruit cakes. The evening seemed to go off very well with plenty of takers for the food and judging by the noise level of the conversations people were enjoying themselves.

At the end of the evening everyone wished each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we went our separate ways, hopefully to meet up at the club January monthly meeting. If not before.

Our club treasurer Lil Clarke thanks all those members who have already paid their 2018 club subs and is ready to accept payment from any members who have yet to pay her.

John Clarke


I have learnt that one of our ex-members, Norman “Fred” Sumner, passed away recently and his funeral was held on Monday the 15th January, at West Lancashire Crematorium, Burscough.

Chairman’s Report: November 2017.

After having the Inter-Club Hill Climb on Ashurst on Sunday the 8th October the next club “get together” was the Club Social Night being held on Friday the 3rd November.
This organisation of this was in the hands of members Tommy Mustard and Desi Bradburn.

It was held at the Stanley Arms, Eccleston near St. Helens and the co-organisers had managed to get (27) members and guests to commit themselves to this function.
Unlike last year’s event it was dry this time and Mo Haslam, Lil and I managed to go straight from the car into the pub without having to wait for a lull in the heavy rainfall.
We were not the first to arrive nor were we the last and by 7.30pm nearly everyone had turned up.

It was great to see that Kit had managed to get there, courtesy of his son Jamie and his wife Kay.

After spending some time catching up with various people the food was brought in and we had a good choice of both hot and cold selections. After finishing the main course, we were treated to either chocolate covered profiteroles with/without cream or my favourite, apple crumble and custard. 

Once the “eats” were finished we then had a quiz followed by the Tommy Mustard “raffle”.

The quiz was based on music hall song titles but with their vowels missing and then we had a general knowledge round. This year the quiz was very ably compered by Pearl Clark.
Each of the tables were treated as a team with the competition being close and “fierce”, requiring a tie- breaker question to decide the winner. It is a wonder that we did not get thrown out of the pub due to the level of noise created by the singing of the songs. The singing was necessary as you got bonus points for singing the correct words and tune. The winning “prize” of a box of sweets was later shared between the winners and the runners-up.

Tommy Mustard once again compered the raffle and lots of prizes were on offer.

It was deemed to be another very successful night and a vote of thanks were given to the co-organisers, Tommy Mustard and Desi Bradburn.

Up to the social night, Lil and I had not seen Sandra and George Corfe for some weeks and during our catching up with the latest news, Sandra told us that she had already been in and had her operation. Sandra had been waiting over 12 months for this and it has been causing her pain and distress.
She said that she felt a lot better and she did look it.

Sandra as our Club Secretary has recently issued the agenda for the forthcoming 2017 Club AGM which is being held on Monday the 4th December at our Knowsley clubrooms. The meeting is scheduled to start at 8.30pm and I hope that we get a good attendance.

John Clarke

Full Report of Inter-Club Hill Climb - Please Click Here to View - Will open in a new window

Hill Climb Refeshments
Members enjoying post Hill-Climb refreshments!

Chairman’s Report: September 2017.

This report is being prepared a few days in advance of the Club’s September Monthly Meeting as both Lil & I will be away on holiday. We apologise for our absence.
It was good to hear that George Corfe is improving in his recovery from his major heart surgery and that both he and Sandra have been out walking regularly. They are now covering some 4-5 miles on their recent treks.

Several weeks ago, I rode out to Sainsbury’s Car Park, Prescot Road, to carry out some volunteer work litter picking on the Trans Pennine Trail (Liverpool Loop Line section). Unfortunately, there seemed to have been a breakdown in communications and only a couple of other volunteers turned up. After waiting around for 30-45minutes we then decided to call it a day and to return home. As this location was so near to where Kit Carson’s Finch Manor Care Home was sited, I had already decided that I would visit Kit when my litter picking “shift” had finished, which is usually around 12.30pm. Today it meant that I would be able to avoid visiting Kit around the time that he and the other residents go for their lunch, so that was a good outcome.
I rode along Prescot Road until coming to the traffic lights junction with Finch Lane, where I turned left and then a right to enter the car park of Finch Manor on the left. Having ridden there several times, I knew that I could leave my bike locked up to some railings and then go inside.

Making my way to Kit’s own room I found him watching his TV but he quickly turned it off when he saw that he had a visitor. He seemed pleased to see me and the expected ½ hour chat turned into a 11/2 hour one, covering “all our yesterdays” and many other enjoyable memories.
Soon after I arrived one of the staff members brought a cup of tea for Kit and kindly asked if I wanted one, not being one for refusing a cup of tea I accepted their offer and enjoyed drinking this whilst talking with Kit. I found him well although “bored” and as it was the Inter-Club hill climb due soon I asked him if the Club could “borrow” his watches, as Paul Olson had volunteered to act as one of the time keepers, whilst Bill Lloyd of the Southport CC would act as the other time keeper. Bill had his own watches but Paul did not. Kit said that his son Jamie had the watches so I said that I would contact Jamie.

Lil had occasion to try to contact Jimmy Hassan our time trials secretary by phone but he did not seem to be answering the mobile number that we had for him and the landline number would not allow a message to be left. After reaching him via Facebook we manged to get his latest mobile number and Lil spoke with him. Lil told Jimmy that he sounded a lot better as he seemed to be able to speak without his breathing being difficult but he did say that his condition can vary from one day to the next. That day was a “good” day. Lil advised Jimmy that things were well in hand for our Inter-club hill climb, with Paul Olson and Bill Lloyd available as timekeepers, Colin Baldwin would be the “pusher-off”, Sandra and George Corfe said that they would be out and Barry Warriner and Jean Pierce had been contacted. I will be emailing this report to those of our members with email contact to advise them of the event and to ask if they could come out on the day to support the Club.

Just to finish off my report I would like to remind members that we have our Club Social evening which is due to be held on Friday the 3rd November at “The Stanley Arms”, Eccleston, near St. Helens. Tommy Mustard and Desi Bradburn are the co-organisers and I am sure that they would welcome names for booking (and especially early payment!). Tommy can be contacted by phone on 0151 280 2492.

Would members please note that the Inter-Club Hill Climb is being held on Sunday the 8th October on the Ashurst climb -  meeting at 11.00am for a 11.30am time of event start.
Hope to see you there.
John Clarke

Chairman’s Report: March 2017.

Lil had a phone call the other week from one of our life members, Les Rowlands. He had obtained my telephone number and had rang wanting to speak with me but I was out riding my bike at the time of his call. Lil had an interesting chat with him. Les is now 87and lives down in Berkshire. In 2003 he came up to the Club’s 70th Reunion function at Burscough. In his younger days, he did race and was the organiser of the Club’s Open “50” mile time trial for a number of years.

Carrying on the subject of our life members, it was pleasing to speak with Tom Mustard who is doing well following his medical procedures. (big bonus – he can drive again!)
Desi Bradburn is now home from hospital and is reported to be managing to get about the house albeit using a Zimmer.

Desi’s sister Mo Haslam has been trying to increase the distance of her walking routes following her recent session of Chemo.

I do voluntary work for Sustrans helping to litter pick various sections of the Liverpool Loop Line where their responsibility stretches from Maghull through to Speke. I usually ride my bike to wherever we are based and the last session was based at the Altham road entrance/exit of the line. We usually spend a couple of hours at this task and I and the other dozen volunteers filled about 24 bags with rubbish that users and neighbours of the path had kindly left. Since I was near to where Kit Carson’s Finch Manor Care Home is located I decided when I had finished the litter pick to carry on riding up to visit him. Leaving the Altham road site, I rode along the Loop Line, exiting the path at Prescot road, Knotty Ash, and turning left along Prescot road where I then turned left into Finch Lane. Kit’s Care Home is just off Finch Lane, Dovecot. As it was getting near lunchtime when I arrived I was concerned at my interrupting their lunch. I need not have worried as Kit was still in his own room and lunch had not yet been served. As I popped my head around his bedroom door he turned from using his laptop, saw me and was delighted to have a visitor. We spent half an hour chatting and then his meal was brought to him as he requested that he have it in his room. He had a good appetite and finished in no time. We were talking throughout and after about an hour I got ready to leave for home with Kit saying how good it was as it had broken up his day. In contrast to my ride out there I rode home via the roads going along past Croxteth Park, across the East Lancs road, across the Coppell House junction and then home via Wango Lane and Brewery Lane, Melling. By the time, I got back home I knew that I had been out for a few hours!!

George Corfe, one of our long-standing members had to be admitted to Whiston hospital recently as he was not feeling well. They assessed him as having heart trouble and after a short stay he was then transferred to Broadgreen Hospital for further diagnosis. George has had angina for 20 years and a leaky heart valve from birth and their conclusions are that he needs a heart bypass and a replacement heart valve. He is awaiting his operation and our best wishes go to George. Lil & I visited him last Thursday afternoon where he seemed quite “chipper” and when his wife Sandra, her brother Carl and his wife Sylvia also turned up, we had his room in an uproar with laughter.

The Club Events List for Lancashire events has just been circulated with our Inter-Club hill climb shown as being held on Sunday the 8th October, time of start: 11.30pm on the Ashurst Beacon climb. Please note your calendars!!

John Clarke
Club Chairman.
Please remember that the April Club Monthly Meeting will be held on MONDAY 10th APRIL.

Chairman’s Report : February 2017.

Even though we will not be having our Club Monthly Meeting in February, I would still like to keep you up to date by way of my Chairman’s Report.

For those of you who know/remember Dave Denman, of the Mersey Roads Club, I have the sad news that Dave after an illness passed away and his funeral was held on Tuesday the 31st January. It was held at Thornton Crematorium and attended by many people many of whom could not get into chapel where the service was being held. As one might expect there were many of Dave’s cycling friends present as well as his relatives and also members of the Maghull Wind Orchestra who played some of their music and their conductor who gave a very moving eulogy of Dave’s connection with and influence on the orchestra. The celebrant gave a comprehensive account of Dave’s life which encompassed all of Dave’s various activities many of which were supported by and accompanied by his wife, Beryl.

Tommy Mustard has at last had his operation to have a portable miniature defibrillator fitted to him that should solve his heart problem. Tom is now looking forward to now being able to have his hip operation which was suspended pending his heart investigation.

Unfortunately Desi Bradburn has suffered a stroke and after being taken to The Royal Liverpool Hospital has been transferred to Broadgreen Hospital for rehabilitation. Lil and I were able to take Desi’s sister Mo Haslam into see Desi on Wednesday 8th February when he was very pleased to see us. He was awaiting a date to be discharged pending the hospital’s assessment of his capabilities.

As we were in the same area as Kit Carson’s Finch Manor Care Home we called in to see Kit on the way back home from seeing Desi. As usual Kit was pleased to see us and we had a good old chinwag especially with Mo Haslam being with us. Kit said how pleased he was to receive visitors and mentioned that Arthur Speakman and Willi Moore had been in to see him recently. Kit had been in attendance at Dave Denman’s funeral, having been taken there by his son Jamie and was pleased to be able to see and speak with so many of his cycling acquaintances, both at the crematorium and afterwards at the Maghull Community Centre.

The forthcoming February Club Monthly Meeting has been cancelled for Monday the 20th February as the potential members who were available had dropped to just a few, due to various reasons (sickness, other commitments, meetings etc.).

The next Club Monthly Meeting should be held on Monday the 20th March whereas the Club’s April Monthly Meeting has had to be brought forward to Monday April 10th as our usual 3rd Monday would be Easter Monday.

John Clarke Chairman.

Chairman’s Report: January 2017.

First of all –a Happy New Year to all members and friends of our Club, The Merseyside Wheelers, and May you all have good health and prosperity in 2017.

As some of our members may have already heard, Kit Carson’s wife Joan passed away peacefully on Saturday the 3rd December and her funeral was held at Anfield Crematorium on Friday the 16th December.  There were many members of the cycling fraternity in attendance. These included Officials from British Cycling North West who had worked with Kit & Joan at the many Road Races that Kit has organised over the years both with the Merseyside Wheelers and with his former club the Molyneux Road Club. Also in attendance were many Members and friends of the Merseyside Wheelers who had turned up to show their personal respects and support. There were also messages of condolence sent by members and friends who were unable to attend. Many of the attendees moved on afterwards to the Sandon Hotel, nearby, where friends and relatives gathered to share their memories. It has been quite a number of years since we had last spoken with some of the people who were present and it was good to catch up with their goings on.

As usual and as planned there was no Monthly Meeting held in December but the club did hold its AGM and we also held our Christmas “party” or “get together” as it would be better described.
As there were no motions or proposals to discuss, the AGM agenda items were discussed, covered and completed. The majority of the retiring committee members were re-elected and a vote of thanks was given for their past year of service to the Club. Thanks were also given to Ian Hartley who although not a member of the Club has published on to our Club website, whatever reports etc we have passed to him. After the completion of the AGM “business”, the additional “items for discussion” were discussed and it was agreed by those present that we would not be re-affiliating to the M.L.C.A or the L.T.T.C.A. for 2017 et seq as it was felt that there were insufficient club members who would be available to be called upon to fulfil our club’s obligations.   

Monday the 19th December saw the holding of our Christmas “Party Night” with Sandra & George Corfe providing the “Scouse”, Jean Pierce the mince pies, Jean Mustard a fruit cake, Lil Clarke the bowl of trifle and not to be outdone, Ken Crosbie had brought a “gooey” chocolate Yule log. By the end of the evening there was not much of the food left and judging by the volume level, people present were having a good “chinwag”. So many thanks to all who managed to attend and especial thanks to those who provided the food and refreshments. We may be down in numbers but we still know how to “party”!!

John Clarke.

Chairman’s Report: November 2016.

As there was no Chairman’s Report for October I am now mentioning our Club’s Inter-Club Hill climb that took place on the Ashurst Climb on Sunday the 3rd October. Fortunately we had good weather for this event and a good entry of 34 riders from the Southport cc, St.Helens CRC and various other Merseyside Clubs. Bill Lloyd (SouthportCC) and Stuart Dale (Prescot Eagle RC) were the timekeepers and Barry Warriner (Merseyside Wheelers) was the “pusher off”. Sandra and George Corfe (Merseyside Wheelers) were the marshals at the entrance to The Prince William car park and Lil Clarke (Merseyside Wheelers) was the signing-on steward, with yours truly putting out and collecting the cycle event signs for the event. After the event was over, as previously arranged, the Corfe’s and Lil and I met up with Ian Myers and his wife Heather and Sylvia Phillips. Ian was a former member of the Prescot Eagle RC and was racing on Merseyside in the 70’s. We had booked a post-event meal up at the Prince William and a good several hours were then spent recalling when Ian was up here on Merseyside.

Friday the 4th November saw some 28 members and friends of the Merseyside Wheelers meet up at the Stanley Arms, Eccleston, nr St.Helens for our social evening. Apart from meeting up with past and current members it was a very pleasant surprise to have Kit Carson and Jimmy Hassan in the company. Both members were confined to their wheelchairs but had made a determined effort to attend. Kit’s son Jamie had brought him and Jimmy’s brother Bobby and his niece Liz had brought Jimmy. We suggested a wheelchair “race” between them around the pub car park but fortunately for the pair of them the weather prevented this. A good evening was had by all with the food again meeting our expectations and as well as the raffle, Tommy Mustard had also organised a “mini” quiz. The “bike boys”, Tony Willis, Ken Crosbie and Keith Woodward won that one.  Thanks to Tommy and Desi for organising this function.

On the way back from a Broadgreen hospital appointment last Thursday, Lil & I called in to see Kit, now that he was resident at Finch Manor Care Home, which is situated off Finch Drive, Dovecot, Liverpool, Merseyside, L14 9QN. He seemed delighted to see us and we spent over an hour chatting about all and sundry.  He welcomed the chance to talk with someone and would welcome any visitors. There would seem to be no restrictions on visiting.

Sunday the 13th November saw the 2016 LTTCA Prize Presentation take place over at the Old Parkonians Rugby Headquarters in Prenton. The event was well attended with Becky Lewis and her husband Howard being the Guests of Honour. The Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) took away the majority of the team awards but the Liverpool Braveheart BC prevented a clean sweep. The catering was excellent with plenty of positive feedback.

Saturday the 19th November will see the Annual Prize Presentation and Buffet of the Merseyside Ladies Cycling Association take place, with our own Barry Warriner invited as Guest of Honour.

The next day Sunday sees me and Barry Warriner being part of the organising of the Merseyside Cycling Development Group’s 2nd winter training session. There are 5 sessions planned with another 3 to be held.

Monday the 5th December sees our own Merseyside Wheelers 2016 AGM taking place, starting at 8pm at the Knowsley Parish Hall venue.

There will be no monthly meeting in December but Monday the 19th sees the holding of what we call, our “party night”.

John Clarke Chairman.

Chairman’s Report for September 2016.

John Clarke

Chairman’s “Newsheet”             July 2016

As we do not have a “formal” Monthly meeting this month, I have not produced a Chairman’s Report, rather a Chairman’s Newsheet.
Firstly it is with sorrow and sadness that I report the passing of Carol Boardman, who died yesterday, following a road traffic accident whilst she was riding her bike in Connah’s Quay.  Our condolences go to Keith and the “Boardman family”.
A member from the Liverpool Phoenix CC informed me that Peter Tyas, a regular supporter of our functions, died on Thursday/Friday the 7th/8th July. No details have yet been passed to me regarding the funeral arrangements.
We send our best wishes to Roy White who has recently had a serious back operation and we hope that he continues on the road to recovery.
I received an email from Beryl Bowes who copied me in to an email that she had received from Keith Bingham, one of our former members.  Some members may remember Keith as a one-time correspondent for “Cycling Weekly”. He is still getting out on his bike for rides up to 90 minutes three times a week, when circumstances permit.
Beryl herself is still heavily involved in cycling organisation, being part of the administration for the Transplant Games which is taking place at Litherland Sports Park on 29th July, starts at 5.30 p.m. with a time trial and then a couple of road races, over 100 competitors and they expect to be finished by 9.00 p.m.!!
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted our Life Member, Willi Moore, who appears in a trailer for a competition organised on Channel ITV4 during the showing of that day’s Tour De France stage highlights.
I am pleased to be able to inform you that our Club’s website is once again up and running, so if anyone has anything that could/should be shown on there, would they please contact me in the first instance.
John Clarke

Chairman’s Report for June 2016.

The local time trialling scene is now in full swing with the longer distance events being held.
We have had the Mid Shropshire “50” which was won by with a 1h.44.m.
The Late May Bank Holiday Monday saw the 2016 edition of the famous Anfield “100” being held with Ryan Perry (Langdale Cycles) breaking the event record winning with a 3h.33m. ride, a terrific achievement on those “tough” Shropshire lanes.
Nearer to home, Saturday the 4th June saw the Liverpool Phoenix CC’s “10” mile event being held on the Bickerstaffe/Rainford course. This had a good number of riders down on the start sheet (73), with a certain Mr Dave Stockley riding for the A5 Rangers.
Lil & I were going out to watch the event anyway, but the fact that Dave was riding gave it some extra interest. We had parked up some distance away and walked to the Bickerstaffe AFC Clubhouse which was the event HQ. We passed Dave getting ready from his car in the car park so apart from having a few words with him, we left him to his pre-race mental preparations!! With it being a “10” he was soon back in the car park having done a respectable time, 27. 23. Dave, being Dave, said that this was his first race for 5 years, although he later admitted that he “rode” his club “10” every week, but claimed that that was not “racing”. Some people don’t change!
Whilst Lil & I were at the HQ, another past Wheelers member turned up – Jim Beard. He was looking well and was on his bike, having ridden out to the event.
Jimmy Hassan was on the phone recently and said that he would be shortly submitting the Police Notice for our Inter-Club Hill Climb which is being held on Sunday the 2nd October.
On Monday the 13th June Lil & I visited Kit Carson at Woolton Manor Care Home. It had been quite a number of weeks since we had last seen Kit due to holidays etc and he was obviously pleased to see us and to hear any cycling related “news”. We had a good “session” and as usual the time flew by with us leaving after nearly two hours.
Today, Monday the 20th June is Kit’s 85th Birthday, so I am sure that we all wish Kit all the best on his birthday. June the 15th was Joan Carson’s Birthday and the Facebook photos show them together for the occasion.
John Clarke

Chairman’s Report : March 2016.

This month I will start on a cheerful note. I have been sorting out my boxes of “bike Bits” with a view to try to sell them on Ebay.

One of the plastic crates contained a plastic bag which when I opened it, I found that it contained quite a few TA chainrings and adapters from when I used to use sets of TA cranks on a number of my bikes, including my racing machines. These rings were of the criterium and 5 bolt versions and as I no longer used TA equipment I rang and left a message on Paul Olson’s phone to see if they would be of any use to Paul. (knowing that he was a “purveyor” of vintage & retro (other words for antwacky!!) equipment. The next day Paul rang me back, having just returned from a few days in the Lake District with June. He said that he would take them off my hands and we arranged to meet up the next day (Saturday) for elevenses up at Brandreth Barn tearooms. Fortunately the next morning the weather was conducive for cycling so I set off riding my saddlebag bike so as to be able to carry the load of chainrings, which although they were made of alloy, were still a weight due to their number. When I arrived at Brandreth I could tell that Paul had already arrived as his saddlebag fixed wheeled bike was leaning against the wall of the tearooms. This bike actually had a TA chainset on it! When I got in and had sat down with my toast and pot of tea, Paul and I started chatting and we had a good old chinwag. When it was time for me to leave I went out and removed the bag of chainrings from my saddlebag and handed them over to Paul who was still sat down in the tearooms. I like to think that my ride back home was all the more quicker due to the lightening of the load in my saddlebag. Good Luck with them Paul and I hope that you can make use of them.

The 3rd of March was the 60th wedding anniversary of Joan and Kit Carson and the family members managed to get Joan over to Kit’s care home so that they could celebrate the occasion together with their family members. Charlie Morrison, who was their best man, also attended. Jamie their son, posted a good photo of them on Facebook, where other friends sent their best wishes. Kit is always pleased to receive visitors at the Woolton Manor Care Home where he is currently resident and there are no set visiting times, just turn up in the morning, afternoon or early evening.

Our life member Tom Mustard has been in hospital for an eye operation and hopes that the other eye is operated on fairly soon.
Desi Bradburn is hoping to have an operation on his other knee but has been told to build up the muscles in his leg prior to the operation. He has set up his turbo in the living room as it is too cold in the garage.
Desi’s sister Mo Haslam is continuing with treatment and is coping well. She is looking forward (as we all are) to the lighter warmer days.
Best wishes to all our members who may be under the weather at the moment and here’s hoping that you improve.

Congratulations go to our member Frank Levy, who competed in the Extra Mile Duathlon at Oulton Park and came first in his age group category.

Here is a reminder from Desi that he still holds a number of volumes of the Club’s history if anybody wishes to purchase them. Bargain price of set of (3) volumes (one, two & three) for £15.00. Please get in touch with any member of the committee.

Barry Warriner advised those present that Ritchie Kettle, one of the Ashurst B.C’s riders who regularly rode our Inter-club “10’s” collapsed whilst at the gym recently and despite the efforts of the attending paramedics, he unfortunately died. Our sympathies and condolences go to his wife and children, family and friends.

Lil  Clarke, our acting treasurer, says thanks to all members who have paid their 2016 annual subs.

This year’s Club Social Evening is again being held at The Stanley Arms, Eccleston (near St. Helens).
It will be on Friday 4th November 2016.

John Clarke

Chairman’s Report: February 2016.

One of our Life Members, Kit Carson suffered a stroke in December but is continuing to make a recovery, albeit slowly. This last week he was transferred from Venmore House Care home in Anfield and is now resident in Woolton Manor Care Home. This establishment is situated just off Allerton Road, Woolton and is a large ex-Mansion type building in its own extensive grounds.
Lil & I went last Friday afternoon to visit Kit and eventually found him in the large lounge in the residential section with other residents watching the TV.
I say that we eventually “found” him, as I was asking for the whereabouts of a John James Carson, as knowing official establishments I reasoned that they would have listed/known him under his formal name. But no, a passing handyman said that Kit was in room 21. Upon the staff hearing of this they said that “why did you not ask for Kit, of course we know him”. They then took us along to the TV lounge.
Upon seeing us Kit’s face lit up and we spent the next 2hrs talking about this & that and everything. The time flew by. We were even given tea and cake by the carers staff.
We were both glad to see that Kit had brightened up considerably by the time we were leaving but we got the impression that he thought that he should be improving more quickly than he was doing. His speaking was just like of old and whilst he is still having some difficulty grasping items with his right hand, he has been improving each time we have seen him. 
This coming Sunday the 21st February sees the last of the Winter Training sessions run by our own Barry Warriner assisted by other coaches and supported by Jean Pierce, who provides the refreshments to the young people who participate. There has been one session every month from October up to now, with very good attendance. We even had 28 participants at one session, which took some working out space wise, so that no one clashed with their nearest neighbour. Shades of some of our own club’s “keep-Fit” classes at Beech Street, for those who can remember those.
Talking about refreshments I would like to mention here of the continuing contributions made by Sandra & George Corfe, who at each monthly meeting have provided cakes & teas respectively. So many thanks The Corfe’s.
Some of our members may have already heard of the death last week of Brian Farrington, who was a member of the Prescot Eagle Road Club. Brian was a key member of that club and had organised their Reliability trial for a number of years. He was also the treasurer of the Merseyside Cycling Development Group and as a trained coach assisted at our Winter Training sessions, especially on the Litherland Sports Park cycling circuit. Our condolences go to his family and the Prescot Eagle Road Club. His funeral is to take place at 10.15am on Thursday 18th February at St Andrew's C of E church, Dentons Green Lane, St Helens, WA10 6RU.  After the church service, burial will take place at St. Helens Borough cemetery (Rainford Road, Windle, St Helens). We have been told that all are welcome to attend both the church service and the interment. There will be a 'brunch' held at the Unison club (a.k.a. the NALGO club) on Bishops Road, St Helens, after the ceremonies.
Thanks to all those club members who have paid their annual subs promptly. Lil Clarke is acting Treasurer and would be pleased to receive any further members subs.
John Clarke.

Chairman’s Report: January 2016.

Firstly I should like to wish all of our Club Members a healthy & prosperous New Year.
The Club’s AGM took place on Monday the 30th November and its business was concluded fairly quickly with all of the current officials being re-elected. It was pleasing to see so many club members in attendance and looking like they were taking an active interest in what was going on.
I should like to thank all of our officials and committee members for their work that they have performed during the past 12 months.
Whilst as a Club we have not promoted as many activities as we have done in past years, we still have a role to play in our sport of cycling especially when it comes to utilising our accumulation of experience.
I should like to take this opportunity to thank those club members who contributed to the success of the Club’s “Xmas Party” night which was held at the Knowsley Clubrooms on Monday the 14th December. Thanks go to Sandra & George Corfe for their “Scouse” with all the accompaniments, Jean Pierce for her delicious mince pies, Lil Clarke for her fresh cream trifle and there were other “goodies” contributions from members.
Since our Treasurer Kit Carson has been hospitalised by a stroke, Lil Clarke has in his absence offered to step in and act in this capacity in order that our Club business can be continued. It was decided at the recent 2015 AGM to leave our Club subscriptions at their current levels (i.e. Seniors: £18.00 and Associates: £5.00). Now that these amounts have been determined, it is that time of the year for Club Subs to be renewed. These should either be handed or posted to Lil Clarke (42 Dodds Lane, Maghull, Merseyside L31 0BE). If paying by cheque it would make it far easier to bank electronically if payment is made out to Lil Clarke. Lil will then make out a receipt for this payment and hand/post it to you.
Lil & I have been visiting Kit with our most recent visit being last Friday. We found him in good spirits, calling in when he was watching the Masters snooker programme. We became so engrossed in talking with him that before we realised it an hour & a half had gone by. He continues to improve the level of movement in his right arm and hand through the frequent and regular physiotherapy sessions that the care centre is providing. His wife Joan who was admitted to The Royal Liverpool Hospital with a throat infection has now improved sufficiently that she has been transferred back to her care home in Woolton. We send them both, our good wishes
John Clarke
Postscript: We have just heard that Kit is shortly due to be moved to Woolton Manor Care Home.

Chairman’s Report: November 2015.

As I was away for the October Monthly Meeting there was no Chairman’s report submitted.

We did however run a very successful Inter-Club hill climb on the Ashurst climb on the first Sunday in October and we were fortunate to have good weather with little wind. Many of the 33 riders who took part managed to improve their times from last year’s event. A result sheet was emailed to most of the people who took part including members of the Merseyside Wheelers, without whose help the event could not be organised.

During October we had the Knowsley “Coach of the Year” Award presented to our own Barry Warriner and Frank Levy won the Over 70’s award in the Oulton Park Sprint Duathlon. Whilst mention of these awards is on our club website I would just like to add my own congratulations.

This month, Friday November 5th saw the Club’s Social Evening organised by Tom Mustard and Desi Bradburn take place. Some 30 members and friends assembled in the Stanley Arms, Eccleston (nr St.Helens) for a very enjoyable evening, chatting away and partaking of the well made selection of food on offer. It is the only opportunity for many to meet up as some have to travel from quite some distance.

When everybody had finished eating, Tom and Desi announced that the raffle would now take place and quite a few of those present managed to “win” a raffle prize. Everybody applauded when a vote of thanks was proposed to both Tom Mustard & Desi Bradburn for their work in organising the successful social evening.

Due to a change in circumstances the Club’s AGM will now take place on Monday the 30th November and club members have already been advised of this change by our Secretary, Sandra Corfe. I hope that members will make every effort to attend.


John Clarke



Chairman’s Report: June 2015.

There was no Chairman’s Report from me for the May Monthly meeting as Lil & I were over at our Barry’s in central Portugal for three weeks during May. We arrived descending into Porto airport in pouring rain and during a thunderstorm but fortunately that was the only rain that we saw during the whole three weeks. In fact it became so hot during the afternoons (32 C in the shade!), that we could not stand sitting out between the hours of 2pm – 4pm. Any walking that we did was done in the relative cool of the evening. Once we were home we spent the next week shivering and trying to get re-acclimatised to the “British weather” – so much so, that we put the central heating back on again.

On the time trialling scene, this month June has seen both the Men’s and the Women’s CTT National 50 mile Championships being held, the men’s on Saturday the 13th June on a course near Goostrey, Cheshire, and the women’s being promoted by the West Cheshire Time Trials Cycling Association on Sunday the 14th June on the Prees, Shropshire based, D50r “50” mile course. The WCTTCA also promoted an Open “50” mile TT run in conjunction with the Women’s National Championship.  Local clubs were well represented in both the Saturday and Sunday events with Phil Williams of the Liverpool Phoenix turning out a magnificent 1.50.16 to win the WCTTCA event. The Liverpool Phoenix would have also taken the team award with Phil being supported by Andrew Connery: 1.55.48 and Phil Warburton: 1.58.49. These three riders had also produced large improvements on their season’s previous bests. In the Women’s National “50” Mile Championship, Hannah Macdonald; Liverpool Century RC was our best “local” rider with a 2.05.24. In the Men’s National “50” mile Championship, our best “local” rider was David Jackson: Harry Middleton Cycling Club with a 1:57:35.

Phil Williams: Liverpool Phoenix seems to have arrived “out of the blue” but perhaps he showed signs of his forthcoming intentions by coming 2nd in our last season’s 2014 Inter-Club Hill climb held on the Ashurst Beacon course.

One notable “scalp” for Phil was his recent beating into 2nd place no other than Andy Wilkinson; Port Sunlight Wheelers, with Phil winning the Chester Road Club event, with a super fast 52.15 as against Andy’s 52.35. There are not many local riders who can say that they have got the better of Andy Wilkinson.

In the same event, Andy’s wife, Jill Wilkinson: Chester Road Club did a 1.01.47, just narrowly beating Becky Lewis: Fibrax-Wrexham RC to be the fastest lady,

John Clarke


PS. As only three club members turned up at the May Monthly Meeting, no meeting was held. To try to avoid this from happening in the future would members who know that that will not be able to attend any forthcoming Club Monthly Meeting please inform our Club Secretary, Sandra Corfe before that meeting as appropriate.

PPS. Whilst there will be a monthly club night  on the 20th July and the 17th August, please note that there will not be a “formal” Club Monthly Meeting on those two nights. The next Club Monthly Meeting will be held on Monday the 21st September.

Chairman’s Report: April 2015.

The time trialling season is well upon us with some terrific rides having already been done locally. Despite a last minute course change over to the (in my opinion “harder”) D25/20 Prees – Battlefield - Prees course (due to temporary traffic lights on the D25/8e Prees “25” course) it was won with a 53 minute ride and some of our local riders did rides “under the hour”.

I do not necessarily open my emails every day but on Wednesday last week, when I opened up my computer I had received one informing me that I had won two “hot seat” tickets to the UCI BMX Super cross event that was being held at the Manchester BMX Track on the coming Saturday. Never having been to see such a cycling event, Lil & I decided to take up the offer of the free tickets.

Before then we had arranged to go out to attend the Leigh Premier “10” Mile event  which was taking place at 2pm on that Saturday afternoon on the nearby Rainford /Bickerstaffe course. I had been out for my usual Saturday morning ride to Brandreth Barn tearooms so when I got back home it was a quick shower, lunch and away in order to get to the signing – on area as we were hoping to hand out some literature to the riders from LTTCA affiliated clubs to make them aware of the various awards and competitions that could be competed for. Of the 20 riders earmarked for our attention we managed to speak to 18 of them at the event.

Once we were sure that we would not see anyone else we drove back home and prepared our sandwiches and drinks for the BMX event. It was a straightforward drive, taking us just under the hour to park up in one of the SportCity car parks which are the designated parking areas for both the velodrome and the BMX cycling events. It was a 10 minute walk across to the BMX Stadium where we presented ourselves to the Ticketmaster Office at around 5pm. Giving our names in we were advised that someone had been told of our arrival and would be our escort. A young lady called Sarah then arrived and informed us as to how the evening was to be spent and took us on a short tour of the venue. She showed us to entrance B for us to access our seats and said that she would again meet up with us at 7.20pm. Showing our tickets to the security guard I asked him did he ever work for HMRC as I was sure that I recognised him. He immediately said that he recognised me “John Clarke” and confirmed that we had both worked in the Bootle Income Tax Revenue office. He said that there were other ex-colleagues of mine who were in attendance tonight. We climbed up the steep rows of steps and along our row until we came to our seats, where we sat down with some relief.

The racing was completely different to what we had experienced either at the velodrome or when watching mountain bike events, with it being much shorter, much faster  and requiring a more explosive type of effort. This BMX meeting in Manchester was the first for 2015 of the five UCI events counting towards the UCI World Cup competition with riders from all over eg; Russia, Argentina, Lithuania, Holland, USA, Belgium, France etc, etc.

It came to the time to meet up with Sarah again and she kindly informed us that we had been invited to go and sit up on the “hot Seat Sofa”. She explained that this was sited right in amongst the BMX track where riders would be sprinting past just yards away!! Oh and by the way we would be interviewed on Live BMX tv with our pictures being shown on the “BIG” Screens around the track!! When it was time for us to go up to the “sofa” we had to climb up the astroturf banks and concrete berms in order to access the sofa. Once there we had our interview and spent some time watching the heats etc from our trackside vantage point. It just goes to prove that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”!!

I hoped to be able to report on Tom Mustard’s hip operation but unfortunately it has had to be postponed following the outcome of his pre-op tests. So now Tom is playing a waiting game as to when it will now take place.

John Clarke (Chairman)


Chairman’s Report: March 2015.

It seems “funny” not to be heading out to Glenburn Sports College and on to the Pimbo circuit after all of the years when this was the club’s promotion for March each year. Although I can say that I for one do not miss it when the east wind is blowing bitterly down the finishing straight. It was however an opportunity for members of the club to meet up and to renew acquaintances and this occasion has now been lost. Having said that it did take a considerable amount of “manpower” to resource this event and this was not counting the considerable amount of work that was done by our organiser for many years, Kit Carson.

Talking about Kit, Lil & I managed to visit him and Joan last week when I had a hospital appointment at The Royal Liverpool. My appointment was at 9am and we were leaving the hospital at 9.30am.

We had already contacted Kit to say that we intended to be visiting so he was expecting us. We arrived at about 10.30am and as soon as we knocked on the front door, their little dog, Lindy, started barking. Kit showed us into the sitting room and there was Joan sitting on the settee. She recognised us right away and we spent quite a long time updating each other as to what we had been doing and what had been going on. It was also an opportunity to hand over the two copies of Roy White’s book, “Chain of Events”, that Kit and his son Jamie had ordered and to speak with Kit regarding the Club’s finances. It was good to see both Kit and Joan.

Kit also updated Lil as to which club members had sent and renewed their club subs as Lil had also been collecting these from members who had paid them to her at the various club meeting nights.

I should like to remind those club members who have not paid their subs for 2015 that these are now due.

Our best wishes go to Tom Mustard who is due to have a hip replacement operation early April before our next monthly meeting.

John Clarke

Chairman’s Report: February 2015.

Earlier this month we said our final goodbyes to Doug Haslam who died peacefully after a long illness. An obituary was published upon the Club’s website and a report of his funeral has also been published on the club website and has been circulated amongst those members who are on email. Our condolences are with Mo and the family.

The Club has received a letter from Brian French, one of our life members. Brian’s purpose in sending the letter was to advise his fellow club members that they should persevere in getting to the root cause of any ailments that they were experiencing as in his case this paid off with the correct diagnosis being made (bone cancer)and corrective surgery undertaken (replacement titanium thigh bone). I am sure the Club wishes Brian all the best in his restarted cycling activities.

They say that trouble comes in three’s.

Firstly as I sat upon my turbo trainer one morning recently for a spot of recorded TV watching, I felt the rear wheel of my turbo bike slipping and spinning without its usual resistance. Getting off my turbo bike I began to check the rear wheel only to find that the back tyre was punctured!! It could not have been the heat build-up of the tyre as I do not go that fast these days!! It is one of the tyres that Continental produces specially for riding on a turbo and talk about a tight fit. It took me about 15-20 minutes of hard work before I was able to get the tyre off the rim!! Having succeeded I then started to look for the reason why the inner tube had gone down. Using a bowl of water I located the air bubbles coming from the tube and upon closer inspection found that the inner tube had been worn down thin by a small blemish on the inside carcase of the tyre. Putting a patch on the tube proved successful and I eventually was able to replace the tyre back onto the rim (not without a struggle) and to date it has remained up. That was the first of my “troubles”.

The following Saturday morning I was on my way riding back from Brandreth Barn and was riding along the straight stretch of road just before turning right into Dicconson’s Lane when I started to feel a regular bumpity, bump which seemed to be coming from my back wheel. I had just turned right and was approaching the waterworks when I felt the back tyre suddenly deflate. That was “trouble” number 2. Despite the strong, bitterly cold wind I was able to get the wheel out and the tyre and inner tube off, only to find that the casing had split in the tyre. Fortunately I had a folding tyre with me as well as I always carry two spare inner tubes. I also had a pair of latex gloves in my kit which helped with the getting off of the dirty mucky tyre but hindered getting it back on.  I had just put everything away when Paul Olson from the Club came by and stopped to see if he could assist. I picked up my bike off the grass verge besides the hedge and wheeled it onto the roadway. Ready to move off.  The front tyre seemed to feel “funny” – no wonder it too was punctured – “trouble” number 3!!                        

 I then took out that wheel, got the tyre and tube off and checked for what might have caused the puncture. Both Paul and I could not find any cause. With that I replaced the tube with my second spare tube, pumped it up and Paul and I then set off for home.  Later that day I pumped up that tube and found a minute pinhole which had leaked air despite it being filled with “slime” a solution that is reckoned to stop inner tubes from going down – it obviously had not worked in this case!!

Can I just remind club members that following the AGM, club subs for 2015 are now due. They remain at £18.00 for Full membership and £5.00 for Associate Membership. Club Subs can be either posted to Kit Carson our Treasurer, or handed to LIL CLARKE at a club monthly meeting night. (The next monthly meeting night will be Monday the 16th March.)

John Clarke

Chairman’s Report January 2015

   Firstly I would like to wish all of our Club Members a Happy New Year.

   On Monday the 1st of December the Club held its AGM at Knowsley Village Hall. There were no additional propositions and the outgoing officials were nominated and voted in “en bloc” for 2015.

   On Monday the 15th December the Club held its “Christmas Party” function. Although we were small in the numbers who attended, we were well supported in the food department by Sandra and George Corfe’s Scouse. It was the responsibility of George to spend his day continually stirring the pans of scouse to prevent them “burning”!! Lil supplied the bowl of trifle and the two “Jeans”, Pierce and Mustard contributed their mince slices and fruit cake respectively. It was good to see the presence of a couple of members whom we do not regularly see at the clubroom. It seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves.

   After being advised by an email circulated by Kit Carson, a sizeable group of club members were able on Saturday 20th December to attend the scattering of Bob Memery’s ashes which took place at the side of Hatchmere Lake, which was the location of the start and finish line of Bob’s Merseyside Wheelers Invitation Hilly Time Trial which he promoted for 21 years up to and including 2000. A simple ceremony took place, with a prayer being read out by member Jim Clark followed by two appropriate poems being read out by Willi Moore. After the actual scattering of the ashes, the majority of us drove further up the road to the cafe at Delamere Station where we had some hot refreshments to try to warm us up. Although it was a sombre occasion, the carrying out of Bob’s last wishes was I thought a fitting conclusion to Bob’s life. Following this occasion our webmaster Kit Carson posted a report on our Club website.

   We have heard that over the Christmas period Jim Hassan our Time Trials Secretary had a fall that necessitated him having an urgent dynamic screw hip operation. We hope that both Jimmy and Desi Bradburn (Knee replacement operation) are continuing to make progress in their recovery

   John Clarke

Chairman’s Report: November 2014.

There are quite a few items to report this month.

Firstly, the Club was very well represented at the funeral of our President Bob Memery, where the church service was held at St.Agnes RC church. At the cremation at Springwood our club member Paul Olson gave a moving eulogy to Bob and then this was followed by a gathering of many of Bob’s cycling and weight lifting friends, other friends and relatives at Liverpool Cricket Club, to celebrate Bob’s life and reminisce over our memories.

Word has come through that one of our ex-members; Neil Bartley, has died at the age of 73. Volume one of our club history (1959) details him participating in the evening “10’s” and whilst still a Junior, he was the Time Trialling Star of1960. He was also a talented roadman, winning in 1961 the Coventry 2-Day amongst achieving other prestigious placings. Neil was one of a number of members who at the 1961 AGM announced that they were leaving the club to form the Liverpool Premier, but there are current members of the Club who were around when he was a member of our Club and will remember him. Our website manager Kit Carson has circulated his funeral details; these were provided by Maureen his widow.

On a brighter note the Club held its Social Evening at The Stanley Arms, Eccleston on Friday the 7th November. It was a very enjoyable evening with a good meal provided by the establishment. It was pleasing to see that Kit Carson was able to attend this function, accompanied by his son Jamie who is an associate member of our Club. It was disappointing that Desi Bradburn, one of the co-organisers, was unable to attend, having been called to fill a cancellation slot and to have his knee replacement operation done. We have heard that Desi is now out of hospital and we hope that he is well on the way back to good health. Desi’s other co-organiser Tom Mustard did a sterling job in providing us with an excellent evening, co-managing the raffle with the support of Jim Clarke whose informative asides enlightened the proceedings. During the evening the voting for the Club Person of the Year award was undertaken and it was fitting that our social evening organiser Tom Mustard was voted The Club Person of the Year. Well done Tom and thank you.

Yesterday Sunday, the Annual LTTCA Prize Presentation was held over at the Old Parkonians Rugby Club with approx. 60+ people attending, many of them riding there on their bikes. Our member Kit Carson although unable to be present was thanked for his many years of time-keeping duties and I have a bottle of wine to give to him on behalf of the Association.

John Clarke

Chairman’s Report : September 2014

Local 12hour Time Trial Event - August 31st

The Organiser, Ruth Williams on behalf of the Local Associations, requested the Club to provide two marshals and a person to note down rider’s times at Espley Roundabout – our appointed marshalling point.

At an earlier meeting we had offers of help from Tommy Mustard, Desi Bradburn, John Hodgkinson together with Lil and John Clarke. These volunteers were our usual “crew” and transport arrangements were made, with us meeting up at the race HQ, the New Raven Cafe, just off the A49 Whitchurch/Prees traffic Island.

Having been the first to arrive, Lil, John H. and I ordered our “eats” with John H. and me plumping for the full English breakfast with Lil making do with toast and a taste of my cooked breakfast.

Once seated we had a chance to look about the room and recognised people from various cycling clubs who were obviously doing the same as us – stocking up for the long marshalling stint ahead.

We were part way through our meal when Tom and Desi arrived so at least all our contingent had arrived safely.

Once we had finished eating we made steps to move off after collecting the time checkers sheets and riders own feeding supplies from Ruth Williams.

We then travelled down the A41 towards Newport, turning right at Ternhill Island on towards Espley Island, our marshalling point.

One definite advantage of having the same people help is that even though there are no “designated jobs” everyone has an input and sets about assisting; such as affixing the cyclist warning signs to suitable roadside furniture and the other tasks; We work like a well-oiled team.  Having made quick work of the signs etc we then moved into our separate positions around the roundabout to await the arrival of the first rider on the road.

This year, this was rider number 14 who was timed at 10.39am followed by other riders.  

One of the tasks that the Course Marshal has to do is to try and contain the whole field of riders within as short a stretch of the course as possible. This is to minimise the time that marshals have to manage the riders passing through their sections/junctions.

Invariably due to the differences in the riding abilities of each rider, some are at a slower or faster pace than others and it can become necessary for riders to be directed to cut out or to even add a section so as to keep the field as compact as possible. This could cause the marshals a headache but Jonathan Williams the Course Marshal has refined his liaison with us so that this divergence from the expected course direction is completed with the minimum of confusion – even though it can cause the rider’s helpers to panic when they realise that their rider has been sent off in a different direction to what they are expecting!!

The day turned out to be good weather and even though there was a bit of a breeze the finishing distances showed that it did not apparently slow down the riders. The winner with 282.28mls was Ultan Coyle, Feathers Cycles Racing and a local rider Colin Hayes of the Liverpool Century came 2nd with 270.57mls.

Our final marshalling distance was scheduled to be at 220 miles but since the signs were ours we had to await the return of the riders from the turn at Shawbirch, this added another 19 miles. This year we managed to pack up at 4.30pm after spending a long tiring day fulfilling the Club’s Stewarding Duties.

Thanks go to Tommy, Desi, John H and Lil for putting in the time and effort to ensure that our Merseyside Wheelers Team lived up to our reputation.


John Clarke.

Chairman’s Report for January 2014.

As you may have seen from the Club’s Website, I have for my sins, been elected as Chairperson at the Club’s AGM which was held in Early December.

The Club held its first Club monthly Meeting of 2014 on Monday 20th January at which the minutes of the November Monthly meeting and the December AGM were read, discussed and passed.

It was pleasing to note that our January Monthly meeting was attended by our usual regulars and we also had the pleasure of the company of member John Cotton, who members may have seen many times at our Annual Road Race which is held around the Pimbo circuit near Skelmersdale. This year Kit Carson is once again organising this road race on behalf of the Club and would welcome any help that you can give him. This year’s race is being held on Sunday the 23rd March and the headquarters are based at the usual location, Glenburn School.

I noticed that our January Monthly meeting was giving those members present the opportunity to renew their annual subscriptions, which remain at £18 for full membership and £5 for Associate membership. It is that time of the year for members to renew their membership subscriptions and our re-elected Club Treasurer; Kit Carson will readily relieve you of your money!!

Sunday the 26th January saw the running of another one of the Merseyside Cycling Development Group’s Winter Training sessions which are being held at Litherland Sports Centre. This session was as usual very well supported (approx. 25-30 riders) and caters mainly for cyclists under 16 years of age. The aim of these sessions is to base the morning half-session upon flexibility exercises and circuit training as well as team activities which promote co-ordination and discipline as well as having some fun.

Normally if outside weather/other conditions permit, the attendees would then after a lunch break, move out onto the cycle circuit. Unfortunately due to the very gusty weather conditions this was not considered to be safe, so a turbo session was organised instead. The riders were organised into four separate groups of similar ability/experience and the four coaches were each assigned to a group.

Whilst we as coaches had a basic turbo training programme that we could follow it was left to the discretion of each coach as to how their particular group’s turbo training was to be implemented.

I had group 2 which consisted of (8) of the younger riders. Brian Nener was in charge of Group 1, Brian Farrington was in charge of Group 3 and Barry Warriner (another Merseyside Wheelers coach) was in charge of the more senior riders in Group 4. The whole session lasted about 30-40 minutes and judging by the look of some of the riders, it was long enough.

Another one of our club members, Jean Pierce, provided us with refreshments, having spent hours at home baking cakes of various types. Some of the younger riders needed reminding that their training session had not yet been completed as they kept asking for more!!

All in all it was a good session and it gives you some satisfaction that what you are doing may be helping youngsters not only to improve but also to enjoy their training and riding.

John Clarke