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Merseyside Wheelers Cycling Club


Welcome to the Merseyside Wheelers "ancient pic's" page. 

Wanted all our yesterdays prints or neg's of the Merseyside Wheelers.  Post or send them to me (Kit) for scanning - I will return them.

If you know who they are, where or when they were taken - get in touch via:-

Pic'1  Ron & Pat Caney, Norman Dixon, Des Braburn, Kathy Hawes, Tom Mustard.

Pic'2;  Pier Head.Norma & Brian Hadwin, Cathy Hawes, Pete Cubbin, Pete Ashton, John Smith, Alan Lunt, Charlie Kevan, Pat Caney.

Pic'3; Club Hobo-Run. Inc' Charlie William, Des Bradburn, Brian Hadwin, Gordon Jones, Pete Cubbin,  Eddie Richard, John Smith, Ray Bradburn, Fred Sumner, Bunty Harris, Ron Keegan.

Pic'4;  Cilcan - Des & Ray Bradburn, George Corfe, Mike Pinnington.

Pic'5; Bob Williams, Jean Pierce, Gordon Jones, Norma & Brian Hadwin, Derek Wharton, Pat & Ron Caney, Des Bradburn, Pete Cubbin, & the family who looked after us (3 girls & 1 boy)

Pic' 6; Club-Dinner ? Jim Soens & Bob Memery

 7;   Ray & Des Bradburn, Gordon Jones

Pic 8;  Nansons Cafe. George Corfe, Pat Caney, Audrey & Ray Bradburn, Pauline Brown, Linda Smart, Dougie Brown.

Pic'9; Pier Head. Norma & Brian Hadwin

Pic'10; John Bamber, Jim & Molly Soens, Joan Bamber

Pic 11; Derek Wharton, Gerry Smith, Tommy Richard

Pic 12;  Inc'- Des Bradburn, Norman Dixon, John Smith, Gordon Jones, Alan Hunt

Pic'13; Soens Cycle Shop, Lower Breck Road, Liverpool.

Pic'14;  Pat Caney, Norma Hadwin, Jean Pierce, Bunty Harris.

Pic15; Eddie Richard, Les Turner, Barney Doolan, Des Bradburn, Tom Maloney, Gordon Jones, John Bibby, Gerry Smith

Pic'16; Audrey Bradburn, Cathy Mustard, Pauline Brown.

Pic'17; George Corfe

Pic'18   ?

Pic'19; Pat Caney, Joan Bamber, Bunty Harris, Flo Rathbone.

Pic'20;  Club Dinner

Pic'21; Des Bradburn, Norma & Brian Hadwin, Cathy Hawes, Tom Mustard,Alan Hunt,                                 Bob Williams, Pat Caney, Janette & Ken Newton, Barbara & Gordon Sutherland

Pic'22;  Barry Warriner, Garry Burns, Robbie Clark.


Pic'24;  Jerry Smith

Pic25; Norma & Brian Hadwin, Des Bradburn, Jean Pierce

Pic'26; Pete Ashton,Des Bradburn, Pete Cubbin, Norma Hadwin, Ken & Janette Newton.

Pic27;  Brian & Norma Hadwin, Jean Pierce.

Pic'28;  Tom & Cathy Mustard, Jean & Arthur Pierce, Norman Roberts, Ray Bradburn, Gordon Jones, Des Bradburn

Pic'29;  Molly Soens

Pic'30;  Ireland Holiday. Tony Blackledge, Frances Graham

Pic'31; ? Tony Blackstone, Frances Graham, Tommy Richard.

Pic'32; Same Ireland Holliday



Pic' 33;  Francis Graces Graham, Tommy Richard, ?, Gordon Bell, Tony Blackstone.

Pic'34; Tommy Richard, Frances Graham, ?, Tony Blackstone



Pic35; M'side Whs on a cold day

Pic'36; Derek Wharton, Pete Ashton, Brian French, Tom Richard, Eric Eustance, Pat Caney, Norman Dixon, Charlie Kevan.

Pic'37; Bill Callaghan

Pic'38; Gordon Quinne, Gordon Jones, Tom Mustard, Des Bradburn.

Pic'39; Gordon Jones, Ray & Des Bradburn with Ian Callaghan

Pic'40;  Pete Cubbin, Alan Hunt.

Pic'41;  Bunty Harris' 21st Birthday Party

Pic'42;  Bob Williams, Bunty Harris, Charlie Williams, Pete Cubbin.

Pic'43;  Bob Williams, Jim Finley.

Pic'44;  Gordon Jones, Des & Ray Bradburn

Pic'45;  Gordon Jones, Des Bradburn.



Pic'47;  Alan Lun

Pic'48;  Club Dinner Charlie Kevan, Jonny Helms.


Pic'50; Gaints Causway. Bill Callaghan


Pic'52; Des Bradburn, Pete Cubbin



Pic'55; Joan Smethurst, Phillis Oaks, Elsie Jones.


Pic'57; Roy White


Pic' 59;  Charlie Kevan, Derek Wharton, Gordon Jones, Eric Eustance, Alan Lunt, Norman Dixon, Pete Ashton, Pat Caney, Gordon Quinne, Jim Finlay


Pic' 61; Pat & Bill Callaghan


Pic' 63;  Ray, Audrey & Desi Bradburn

Pic' 64; Brian & Norma Hadwin, Charlie Williams, Tom Mustard, Janette Newton, Alan Lunt, Bob Williams, Ken Newton, John Smith

Pic' 65;  Jim Clarke

Pic' 66;  Gordon Jones, Mike Pinnington, Pauline Brown, Audrey Bradburn

Pic' 67;  Tom Mustard, Desi Bradburn

Pic' 68;  Gordon Jones, Desi Bradburn

Pic' 69;  Alan & Irene Lunt

Pic' 70; M'side Whs FC. Gordon Jones, Micky Baldwin, Des & Ray Bradburn, Dougi Brown, Tom Mason, John Croxford, Dave Stockley, Jim Callaghan, Barry Ingham, Norman Dixon, Jeff Banks




Pic' 74;  Pete Cubbon, Brian & Norma Hadwin, Derek Wharton, Bob Williams, Jim Finlay


Pic' 76; Derek Wharton, Jerry Smith, Tommy Richards

Pic' 77;  Francis Graham


Pic' 79; Bolton Bridge. Norman Dixon, Barry Warriner, Norman Jones, John Plumbley, Eddie Richards,  John.Bibby, Tom Malony


Pic'81; Willy Moore & Roy White


Pic' 83;

Pic' 84;

Pic' 85;

Pic' 86

Pic 7.5; 1960/61. Pete Dilworth, Geff Banks, Dave Stockly, Bob Tyrer, Johny Downs, Bobby Singfield,  

Pic' 88; Mo Bradburn & Jack Pye

Pic' 89; Mo' &Audrey Bradburn

Pic' 90; Ray Bradburn, Mike Gannon, Tom Mustard, Desi Bradburn, & Ron Caney

Pic' 91; Ray & Desi Bradburn

Pic' 92; Jim Finley, Alan Lunt, Irene Lunt, Pat Caney, Linda Smart, Bob Williams, Audrey Bradburn, Ron Caney

Pic' 93; Celia Gannon, Brenda Bradburn, Jean Smethurst & Grace Allen

Pic' 94; Desi & Audrey Bradburn & Gordon Jones

 Pic' 95; Ken Newton, Audrey Callaghan, Barbara & Gordon Sutherland, Micky Baldwin, Eric Eustance,            Barry Ingham, & Jim Callaghan

Pic' 96; Gordon Jones, Desi & Ray Bradburn

Pic' 97;

Pic' 98:

Pic' 99;

Pic' 100; Bob Memery

Pic'101; 12hr 1954. Bill Kettle, Jim Finley, Brian French, Bill Callaghan

Pic' 102; Llangollen 1954. Bill Kettle, Bill Callaghan, Bill Loughlin, John Bamber, Gordon Sutherland, Ken Minshall 

Pic'103; Top of Gothard Pass - 1958.   Eddie Richards, Ronnnie Hudson, Norman Jones, Terry Higgins.

Pic'104; Top of  Gross Glockner Pass -1961. Tommy Maloney, Tommy Richards, Gordon Bell, Tony Blackstone.

Pic'105; Grafton -1958. Gerry Smith, Tommy Richards, Barry Warriner, Gordon Bell, ?

Pic'106;  1961 French Alps. Norman Dixon & George Corfe

Pic' 107;   1961 French Alps. Ian Gadsby & George Corfe

Pic' 108;   1961 French Alps. Ian Gadsby & George Corfe

Pic' 109;   1961 French Alps. Norman Dixon & George Corfe

Pic' 110;   1961 French Alps. Ian Gadsby & George Corfe